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Classroom Wikis

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Wikis in the Classroom

Deb Trewartha


What is a wiki? It is a web page, an online writing tool, a collaborative project, and an electronic portfolio. It allows a large group of people (your students for example) to collect, write, report, post, share, and edit content. K-12 teachers are finding innovative uses for wikis. Participants will explore examples, add content to a wiki, and learn how to create a classroom wiki.



Workshop links, resources, and/or materials:


1.  What is a wiki?

2.  Classroom use of wiki

3.  Social bookmarking - edtags.org



PBwiki.doc - PBwiki tipsheet

EdTags.doc - Edtags Social Bookmarking tipsheet




PBwiki education presentation.ppt


Additional Resources








Nick Meyer

Sande Schoenecker 

Aaron Den Hartog

Jason Wacek 

Stephanie Torczon

Amy Drangstveit

Christa Rudolph

Callie Den Hartog

Steve McClellan

Renae Busse

Shannon Tupy

Debbie Trewartha

Jessica Kelehan

Kim Borwege

Jeff Decker

Teacher D

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