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Computer Ninja

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Description: Technology is supposed to help us work more effectively and efficiently... but what if you hate using computers? If you feel like the computer makes you ineffective and inefficient then maybe it’s time to move your computer skills up a level. Just like a ninja in training, it will require practice, dedication, and discipline. This workshop will introduce basic computer tips and techniques for Windows 7, Office 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & Publisher), web searching, and computer troubleshooting. If you learn these secrets and apply your new knowledge, you too can become a Computer Ninja.
* This session meets the "technology integration" licensure renewal requirement.


Windows 7:

  • Hover tricks... Hai-Ya!
    • Open a few programs, documents, etc... hover thumbnails   
    • Hover lower-right corner to preview desktop... click to minimize all
  • Right-click secrets... Whoo-Waaa!
    • Pin/unpin programs to the Taskbar
    • Pin/unpin programs to the Start Menu 
    • Desktop > Screen resolution, Gadgets, Personalize
  • Drag & Drop... Haaa!
    • D&D commonly used folders to the Taskbar (pinned to the Library folder icon... right-click)
    • D&D commonly used websites to the Taskbar (pinned to the browser icon... right-click)
    • Rearrange the order of Taskbar icons
  • Keystrokes... Yaaa!
    • Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + V (paste), Ctrl + X (cut), Ctrl + Z (undo), Ctrl + Y (redo), Ctrl + S (save), Ctrl + P (print)
    • Ctrl + B (bold), Ctrl + I (italic), Ctrl + U (underline)
    • Ctrl + A (select all), double-click (select one word), triple-click (select paragraph)
    • According to this webpage, what number is "Kung Fu Fighting" ranked on their Top 500 Songs list?... Ctrl + F (find)
    • Scroll to the bottom of this webpage... or... End key. Top?... Home key.
    • Alt + Tab (toggle windows)
    • Windows Logo + Tab (3D scroll through windows)
    • Windows Logo + D (minimize all windows)... click lower-right corner
    • Windows Logo + (zoom in), Windows Logo - (zoom out), Windows + Esc (close magnifier)
    • Windows Logo + left arrow (window half-left), right arrow, (half-right), Windows Logo + up arrow (maximize), down (minimize) 
    • Only two windows open?... right-click the Taskbar > Show windows side by side
    • Ctrl + Alt + Delete... Enter (locks computer), Windows Logo + L (locks even faster)
  • Windows Tools/Accessories... Waaa Chaaa!
    • Sticky Notes, Snipping Tool, Magnifier, Sound Recorder
    • Edit/burn DVD movies and  slideshows with Windows Live MovieMaker
    • Picture Library > Slide Show (play music for a quick way to display class pictures)


MS Word 2010:

  • Computer Ninja Training Document (download)
  • Create a calendar with New > Templates > Calendars (any year)
  • Don't know where you saved a document? File > Recent


MS PowerPoint 2010:

  • Computer Ninja Training Presentation (download)
  • Insert audio from file activity (download)
  • Insert video from file activity (download)


Mozilla Firefox:

  • Save "real estate" by hiding the menu bar... View > Toolbars > Menu Bar
  • Set as your default browser... Firefox > Options > Options > Advanced > General > Always check...
  • Tabs... new, organize, pin, search, pin to Taskbar
    • Email: Outlook WebApp
    • NP Infinite Campus
    • NP Moodle or TeacherWeb
    • Internet Authentication
  • Bookmarks... add, delete, organize, rename
  • Set a page as your homepage... drag & drop



























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